Liners : only for your eyes
The liner is a large flexible PVC envelope that covers the inside of the swimming pool and makes it
watertight. The water pressure alone is sufficient to fit the liner perfectly against the walls and base of the
swimming pool. Strong, soft to the touch, the liner is easy to replace. A built-in liner lock holds the liner in
place inside our structure along the wall. The 0.75 mm liner is ideal for domestic use swimming pools.
To show off your pool and choose the color of the liner :
. For crystal-clear water, choose a buff/sand liner
. For sea blue water, choose light blue.
. For a contemporary style, the black or grey is very effective

Pool Liners
High strength seal integrity for 150/100ths reinforced PVC

Whatever the configuration of your pool or your garden, Piscines Magiline has a technical solution!
In the case of renovation, complex shapes or intensive use, Piscines Magiline offers the installation of a flexible PVC membrane that boosts the seal integrity of the installation. The PVC membrane is especially recommended for its toughness if the pool is at a holiday let, B&B or camp site…

The dimensional stability and anti-UV treatment (its resistance is proven up to 32°C!) will guarantee your pool a long life, for lots of fun time, and appreciable savings on maintenance.

Piscines Magiline, Passion for pools.