PERFECT’filtre : an innovation from Piscines Magiline
Because the quality of your water is the key to everything else, the filtration system of your swimming pool incorporates a revolutionary hydraulic concept: the flow multiplier. Thanks to this innovation, the volume of water regenerated by your filtration system is many times that of a conventional system of the same power: your system filters up to 20m3 of water per hour using a pump delivering a flow of less than 5m3/hour.
This cuts your consumption of electricity and extends the life of your pump.
The fineness of your filtration system is also outstanding : it stops particles as small as 15 microns in diameter. This lets you use smaller quantities of treatment products for the maintenance of your swimming pool.
And your water is pure and crystal clear.


FX Filtration: an exclusive patented pool filtration system
Our exclusive system combines performance, economy, simplicity and aesthetics. Magiline offers filtration finesse of 15mm, limiting the use of chemical products (against 45 microns for a traditional filtration system, with a sand filter). Another key advantage: better movement of the water and Filtered water, changed 3 to 5 times faster

The pool of 1m50 and 1m20 height, its your choice.
MAGIpool is a revolutionary concept that allows you easily and simply to build a real traditional reinforced concrete swimming pool.

So that your water is always crystal clear, you possess a high performance fi ltration system perfectly suited to the size of your swimming pool: PERFECT’filtre.
This patented MAGILINE Swimming Pools system possesses a revolutionary hydraulic concept: the flow reducer (1). Thanks to this innovation the water is restored by your filtration, and the volume pumped is greatly reduced compared with a traditional system of the same power.
Each Perfect’ Filtre until thus filters up to 20 m3 of water per hour with a pumped flow of less 5 m3 / hours. Your consumption of electricity is thus reduced and life of your pump is lengthened.
in addition, the filtering medium of your pool is one of the fitnest on the market (2). It can filter dirt particle as small as 15 microns in diameter. your filter alone prevets a substantial amount of minor pollution without requiring heavy recourse to water treathment products.
perfect’filtre easier, it contain a prefilter compartment (3). which captures leaves and other large impurities. Thanks to this, your filtering medium is preserved. to optimise the quality of your water still futher and to make the maintenance of your swimming pool easier, your filtration is already equipped with a fast port (4) wich allows you to connect a venture pool vacuum.

FX Line

Economical Filtration :

– Three times as powerful as conventional filtration – without consuming any more power.
– No need to spoil your garden with an unsightly equipment room to shelter pump
– Everything is built in, including your booster and your robot / broom connection.

High Performance :

– A Fast, effective gyration water
– Clearer, cleaner, healthier water

Easy – to – maintain swimming pool:

– Y our Magiline broom also keep your water in perfect condition.
– Cleaning your filter is quick and easy

Environment-friendly filtration:

– No Discharge in to sewers. The water is filtered in a closed circuit, where as a traditional filter requires about 2m cubic of water a week to clean it
– Energy recovery The pump is water-colled, and the heat recovered by the cooling water warms your swimming pool.