Specially designed for Magiline, our copings are delivered with the pool. Straight or curved, they are fixed on the tops of the swimming pool, ensuring a great finish.
Coping for a smooth finish. Reconstituted natural stone gives the coping of a swimming pool a traditional look that fits with most styles or designs The finish is similar to natural stone.
Our copings are non slip and frost-resistant. Reference and finish: Rough, with bubbles, or smooth; stone colour.

Ask your Magiline dealer for advice. A surround is not essential. A lawn running right up to the coping is very attractive.
However, a surround can help keep the immediate vicinity of your swimming pool clean and also help prevent dirt being carried into the pool. Also remember that depending on the climate, if your pool area is used heavily, or if you plan to
hold parties around or near the pool, ideally you need a hard cleanable surface to prevent wear and tear to lawn.
Remember to give plenty of thought to the surround design. The dimensions will depend on a number of factors: space needs (size of your garden furniture), use (will you be having parties or will the surround just be a place for rest and
relaxation ?), time spent at poolside (the more time you spend there, the larger the surround area should be compared to the rest of the garden).